Anthony Sierra

Hello and welcome to my website. I am a developer who is extremely passionate about what I do hence having a website like this. Here I have some articles I write when I have free time, and links to other works that I have made or contributed to. I love working on web and mobile applications.

Recent Article Publications

Writing tests in ES6 with Gulp, Mocha, Chai, and Babel 6.0.0

November 1st 2015

Converting Gulp project from ES5 to ES6 with Babel 6.0.0

November 1st 2015

DL, DT, DFN, and DD. Before in HTML4 and after in HTML5

October 4th 2015

Brief: Why not ES6 yet?

September 5th 2015

What if? ES5 Classes

August 29th 2015

Problems with Yosemite, therubyracer, and V8

August 8th 2015

Enter or request fullscreen?

February 21st 2015

Try, Catch and V8

February 9th 2015

Unit Testing. Don’t krutch on it.

September 3rd 2014

Require and JavaScript memory management.

March 31st 2014

Making UIWebview (IOS) and WebView (Android) touches look responsive

March 19th 2014

The difference between pass by reference, pass by value, and pass by pointer.

March 17th 2014